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Art&Soul is a collaborative labor of love by John and Souheir Rawlings. They are the hosts and guides for the entire Artist Residency Program. They have many years of experience working with Emerging and Experienced Artists alike, sharing their love of the creative process and the passion for cultural learning.


They are available to assist participants with individual Artistic Pursuits…offering gentle guidance, art instruction, lectures, critiques to those who seek a more “structured” approach to the residency. However, they understand and support the Artist’s need to create in a less-formal setting, and can provide access to basic services, destinations to create or wander, in a perhaps more independent atmosphere as well. This is a time for creative expression, and it is the goal of Art&Soul to meet the needs of all who choose to participate!

They have studied and taught Art in colleges and arts organizations internationally, they run Artist Residencies, Art History Tours, Artist Retreats, and have studios in Northern Montana. The Rawlings’ have received several awards for their art and teaching, with John’s academic focus being on Italian Renaissance Art History and his artistic focus on sculpture and symbolism. Souheir has worked primarily in drawing and painting, with portrait/figure work as her subjects. In teaching, she has a special interest in multi-cultural arts and expressive arts therapy.

Art&Soul Residencies and Retreats

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